A problem for someone else is a challenge for us.

Responsive, innovative and target-oriented.

Clients’ legal interests must be enforced with dedication and determination.

About us

Law Office Kostrevc, Ltd. is a law office with traditional values, providing a wide range of legal services which respond to the needs of our clients.

The relationship between the law office and each client is based on trust. As we establish and consolidate a solid relationship with our clients, we can fully support them and take into consideration our deep understanding of each client’s position and interest.

Our law office is focused on commercial legal matters. Among our clients are commercial companies, other commercial entities and individuals. Due to the wide experience gained from our past employment in commercial companies, we can better and more easily perceive the requirements and objectives of our clients.

We provide our clients with quality legal services by always selecting the most appropriate legal solutions which support them in meeting their objectives. Finding comprehensive and reliable solutions to complex commercial legal matters represents a challenge for us.

Our law office offers a fast, innovative and target-oriented type of cooperation to our clients.