Our law office advises clients in bankruptcy proceedings (bankruptcy proceedings against a legal entity, personal bankruptcy proceedings and estate bankruptcy), compulsory settlement proceedings, simplified compulsory settlement proceedings, preventive re-structuring proceedings and compulsory dissolution proceedings (removal from the court register without liquidation or compulsory liquidation).

Our law office counsels the management (or partners or shareholders) of commercial companies in the preparation and selection of preventive measures aimed at avoiding or dismissing the reasons leading to the occurrence or existence of company insolvency.

We advise our clients involved in business with legal entities facing financial problems and we advise the creditors involved in all types of insolvency proceedings with regard to how to register and insure their claims.

Our law office provides representation in insolvency proceedings by representing either the creditors or debtors in bankruptcy, based on the order of the bankruptcy administrator. We offer representation in all types of disputes related to bankruptcy proceedings, including proceedings related to actions for contesting debtor-related legal acts and proceedings for stating the (non)existence of claims and/or separation or exclusionary rights.

While defending the rights of our clients, we rely on the valuable experience and knowledge of the founder of our law office, who used to act as an administrator of insolvency proceedings.

Whenever necessary and in order to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution, our law office also avails itself of the support of external, mainly business and financial advisors.