Our law office provides legal advice to companies, other commercial entities and individuals in general corporate and commercial matters in all phases of their development and operation. We provide a complete spectrum of legal services ranging from company incorporation, management and direction, through changes in share capital, mergers, divisions and legal/organisational forms, to the establishing of relations between partners and shareholders.

We provide support in drafting the content of companies’ legal acts (e.g. articles of association, deeds of partnership, rules of procedures regulating the work of company bodies, etc.) and offer complete assistance to companies in the preparation of documentation for shareholders’ meetings. If required, we can also conduct shareholders’ meetings.

Our law office offers legal advice and if required, represents its clients in matters related to the enforcement of shareholders’ or partners’ rights as well as in matters related to the responsibilities and competences of management and supervisory bodies.

In addition, our law office provides legal support in the preparation and implementation of shareholders’ agreements, remuneration systems and option agreements.